Threads Has Your Look

If you’re seeking the newest fashion forward looks for Spring / Summer 2020 Threads has your look!

Your Memories Front and Center

All of you know my big calling card is cozy, comfortable and that take a breath and exhale moment when you put on your favorite top or outfit. Simple requirements are the order of the day for Threads. Cozy, confidence and on point.

Let’s talk Retro T’s for a moment. How is it even possible to enjoy a shirt more than a softer than you can possibly imagine T’s. T’s that include your past memories already baked in is truly a bonus!

These shirts adapt to any social situation and have been known to start a conversation about a past concert or camping trip from back in the day. Threads has a vast selection of retro T’s covering artist and tag lines that include a connection to the past that is undeniable. Be ready when the call for the next invite hits your phone.

Ready for Your Next ZOOM meeting?

The challenge of Web meetings and how to look your best is a new dilemma we’re all facing. Threads has the cute “professional” tops that say I am engaged and on it for the entire meeting, matched with super soft sweat pants, that let you know you’re getting away with it. Browse our styles and update your Spring and Summer selections to be prepared for every day.

If gives me great personal satisfaction to share my styles, vision and confidence with each of you on your fashion journey.

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